Iron kettle to cook tonic soups for longevity and vigor

Herbal Syrup Holds Ancient Secret to Longevity

Recently, I had to admit to a close friend that I’m exhausted from a year of big changes. “What would you tell a client who felt like you do?” she asked.

“Take tonic herbs!”

The concept of tonic herbs is virtually unknown to Western herbalists, but it’s common in Traditional Chinese Medicine [TCM]. Your body recovers not only from rest, good food, and good air, but also by taking in strengthening and nourishing herbs over an extended period of time. This concept is central to TCM healing practices. I’ve benefitted from tonics during other stressful, depleting times in my life.

It takes practically a whole day to make a true, tonic syrup out of Chinese herbs. One of my favorite old-fashioned syrup bases is blackstrap molasses.

I love the rich, earthy taste of blackstrap. I learned to really appreciate it a few years ago when I discovered it has significant iron content but doesn’t create the constipation that iron supplements can.

Blackstrap also has healthy levels of minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium. Just what the doctor ordered for the marathon that is my life lately. And bonus: it’s known to help normalize blood sugar levels.

You have to cook and cook those Chinese roots and barks and healing herbs in a pot of water on the stovetop. Hours later, when the liquid is reduced by three-fourths, you add the blackstrap in and cook it down a bit further.

I bottle the strained liquid, and add a tablespoon to my morning and evening tea every day for several few months. The process of slowly cooking this brew over several hours is a relaxing way to begin settling my life down a bit.

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