The Basics of Seeing an Herbalist


A visit with me is a lot like a therapy session. Comfy chairs, tissues, a cup of herbal tea. And deep listening.

I developed this style of practice over 15 years seeing clients who came to me practically in shock from the trauma of modern medicine’s approach to healing. Folks seemed relieved to experience the gentle approach of herbalism, free of fear and negativity.

One of the first things I learned in herb school was that our bodies have sensitive mechanisms for healing. Plants can be harnessed to fine tune those mechanisms back into balance.

How it works in my practice

Our first appointment will be 90 minutes and most of it is a discovery process. In our first hour together, you’ll share your personal health story as far back as childhood up to the present. There’s never any undressing or medical testing. Tongue reading, pulse-taking and general visual observation are the tools I use to understand your body’s unique imbalances.

In the last 30 minutes, we bring it back around to goal-setting and create a plan to get you there.

You can feel free to bring copies of medical test results, a brief health history and a list of medications and supplements you take. I’m not just a listener. I’m trained to understand herb-drug interactions and provide a safe process to support your healing.

Together, we’ll create a personalized herbal formula. Your health plan might also include some food energetics to dabble with, a lifestyle tip to work into your life or maybe a referral to a massage therapist or other practitioner whose work compliments your holistic plan.

It’s not possible to share everything about your life in one visit. That’s what the next few appointments will uncover. We’ll fill in the gaps each time we meet, adjusting your goals and herbal medicines as your body begins to recover its natural balance.

The process of working with an herbalist can last just a couple visits or as long as several years. That’s up to you. How good do you want to feel?

My focus is on building a relationship based on trust and confidence. Many of my clients consider me a valuable provider for many of their health needs and a holistic resource long after they’ve transitioned away from regular visits.

If you’re not sure I can help with an emerging health concern, check with me before visiting your provider. I’ll be honest if something is outside my ability to help.

Herbal Products I Trust

Customized herbal formulas contain many of the herbal products made by Prairie Star Botanicals (PSB) in Blair, Nebraska.

Why Prairie Star? PSB is a woman-owned, community-minded manufacturer I know and trust. They make hand-crafted, personalized botanical products from plants grown in the heart of the prairie.


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