Red Clover is a traditional hormone regulator

Nature’s Gift to Women – Phytoestrogens

You’d be surprised what women lump into the ‘hormone’ category of health problems. Pretty much anything and everything. Headaches, stomach pain, skin problems, hot flashes, appetite, weight loss and gain, emotional imbalances, blood sugar regulation, joint and muscle pain, even their relationship problems!

And they’re usually right.

Hormones play a gigantic role in regulating digestion, immune performance, temperature regulation, menstrual and menopausal irregularities, mood, and pain sensation. So, when a woman comes to my office saying ‘my hormones are all out of whack’, she’s probably right.

The good news is, in my experience, hormone problems rarely require surgery, hormone replacement, or other medication to get straightened out.

Many common plants provide the phytoestrogens that gently replace or regulate your own hormones. Take red clover, for instance (Trifolium pratense for the botanists out there); it’s chock full of isoflavones, which attach to estrogen receptor sites in your cells (sort of the way two Legos link together) and signal your body that you’re getting what you need.

Another personal favorite, Vitex agnus, helps to regulate the estrogen/progesterone balance in your body, in a way that no synthetic hormone replacement ever could. Plants have this natural ability to sense imbalance in your human body, and you have the same kind of primitive and innate preference for plants (foods) that heal you, or at least humans used to. We’ve been lured away from natural diets by the processed food sirens.

Even if returning to a plant-based diet isn’t likely for you anytime soon, plants can still help you. That’s where an herbalist comes in handy! Before you agree to a procedure or pill to wrangle your hormones into submission, try one of the most naturally healing substances on Earth – a plant.

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Herbalist Mo