Attitude about money affects health

Can Thinking About Money Change Your Health?

When I talked to a financial advisor a while ago, I expected it to be so straightforward. How much do you make? How much do you save? How much do you spend?

Instead, she asked me to write down what money meant to my family when I was growing up. And how I felt about it in my relationships, and now as a small business owner.

Talk about a hornet’s nest! I had no idea I carried around such ridiculous stress and self-judgement.

I was going through life with the notion that I didn’t deserve things unless I earned them. Including love and friendship.

My thinking went like this: the only way to deserve a new coat, or a night out with my friends, was to be someone better, someone skinnier, nicer, more productive, a better mom. Since there’s no way to quantify those ‘standards’, I rarely thought I deserved what I got. Regardless of where this self-defeating thinking started, it was still dogging me in my 50’s.

Every day, I meet someone who uses this same kind of thinking to deny themselves care that could improve not just their wardrobe or social life, but their whole health.

We tend to apply the same destructive, unhealthy thinking patterns in all areas of our lives. Our attitude of ‘not deserving’ leaks over into our relationships, our diet, even our connection to a higher power. Imagine the havoc that can play on a person’s life. It creates a scarcity scenario that holds us hostage.

Herbs are great, and I’ve seen them do wonders for women’s health. But, physical and emotional health are absolutely connected to how we think about money.

Talking to a professional, whose job it was to understand the ins and outs of money, lightened the load and transformed my attitude.

Become a healthier version of yourself. Ask for financial advice and watch your whole life take a new direction.


Herbalist Mo