Purifying Herbal Ritual Reboots Your Liver In Spring

In Chinese medicine, it’s taught that a healthy Liver means more than a nicely ‘detoxed’ body. It also holds the key to the free and healthy expression of emotions. Your Liver ensures balanced expressions of righteous anger, sadness, fear, and even the creativity.

When you’re robbed of the ability to express yourself and your needs freely and appropriately, you get stuck. You stop growing. You lose the courage or resolve to change and evolve. Your sense of direction and drive to excel at what you do just peters out.

If you feel stuck, directionless, or without focus or inspiration, maybe your Liver could use a cleanse. What better time than after a dark, cold Winter to wake up your body with lighter, greener foods?

For millennia, cultures around the world have formed detoxing or cleansing rituals around certain seasons or spiritual practices. Consider the use of sweat lodges in Native American cultures, European healing spas, Ayurvedic Pancha karma. The Catholic Lenten season of fasting, prayer, and alms-giving is a perfect example of a Spring ritual of rebirth.

Get inspired with a healthy Spring Cleanse. Love your Liver, which the Chinese say is most active in Spring, and your whole body will thank you. For personal guidance on how to conduct an effective, healthy cleanse this Spring, schedule a visit with me today. Tex 402.965-0097 or email info@NaturalHealingOmaha.com.


Herbalist Mo