Blending old and new medicines, herbalism

Time for Herbalism to Come Out of the Closet

Everyone’s got that favorite sweatshirt or pair of jeans they keep for weekends at home. The ones you slip on when you wanna feel comfortable and relaxed.

Over time, the color’s faded and the newness has worn off, but you’re not completely at home unless you’ve got that soft, worn fabric against your skin. Do you remember why you stopped wearing those jeans in public?

My guess is that something new and trendy came along and made them look dull in comparison.

Something similar happened to herbalism. The comfort of our grandmothers’ folk healing was replaced by a trendy, shiny thing called modern medicine.

Traditional ways of staying healthy and healing at home were relegated to the back of the closet. Somehow, we convinced ourselves that newer was better. In the process, safe, natural, remarkably simple methods of prevention and natural healing were written off as dated and out of style.

Isn’t it time we put some old-fashioned common sense back into health care? Let’s take a page from fashion by pairing the best of today’s chic new healthcare with classics that stand the test of time.

Herbalism blends well into today’s eclectic cultural sensibilities. It’s more than vintage, thrift-store medicine or trendy ‘folk’ health care. There’s powerful healing in that simple cup of tea your grandmother brewed for you.

What could be more comfortable than remedies that grow in your own back yard, right?


Herbalist Mo